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Huawei Certification Exams Actual Questions (Braindumps)

You want to become Huawei certified Professional?

While the Huawei certifications are gaining popularity, the IT focused organizations are envisioned to contract experts with progressive accreditations. That is the reason each of the experts and new-contestants are foreseen to attempt and clear the Huawei exam. All Huawei certified individuals, who fits to the IT field foreseen to run the highest rank in the ground by endeavoring Huawei certification. There is no uncertainty that Huawei's certified can increase the value of their aptitudes and capabilities, yet it is difficult to clear the Huawei confirmation exams, particularly if you do not have the right source of guidance. Until and unless the efforts of an individual are not well directed one cannot produce extraordinary results for Huawei regarded organization. We give real exam questions (dumps) for all Huawei affirmations exams list below:

Huawei Exams (Available)
  1. H12-261

    HCIE Routing & Switching (Written)

  2. H31-511

    HCNA - Cloud Solutions Architect

  3. H31-522

    HCNP - Cloud DataCenter Operations

  4. H19-301

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate - IP Network

  5. H19-316

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate- ECC-ENU

  6. H31-523

    HCIE - Cloud DataCenter Operations (Written)

  7. H12-211

    Huawei Network Technology and Device

  8. H13-629

    HCIE - Storage (Written)

  9. H13-531

    HCIE - Cloud Computing (Written)

  10. H31-211

    HCNA - Carrier IP

  11. H19-308

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate Storage (ENU)

  12. H19-307

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate Server

  13. H12-321

    HCIP - Wireless Local Area Network- Constructing Enterprise WLAN Architecture

  14. H19-309

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate - Cloud

  15. H12-411

    HCIA Data Center Facility V1.0

  16. H19-311

    Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate - Data Center Facility

  17. H11-811

    Huawei Certified Network Associate - Unified Communication

  18. H13-711

    HCIA Big Data V2.0

  19. H11-851

    HCNA-VC (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video Conference)

  20. H12-221

    HCIP - Implementing Enterprise Enterprise Routing & Switching Network

  21. H13-821

    HCIP Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0

  22. H12-721

    HCIP - Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network

  23. H35-920

    HCDA - OWS Developer

  24. H13-621

    HCIP - Constructing Converged Storage Network

  25. H13-622

    HCIP - Constructing Big Data Solution

  26. H13-611

    HCIA-Storage V4.0

  27. H13-623

    HCIP Storage - Constructing Data Protection System

  28. H12-223

    HCIP- Routing & Switching - IEEP v2.0

  29. H12-222

    HCIP Routing & Switching- IENP V2.0

  30. H13-321

    HCIP-AI-EI Developer V2.0

  31. H11-828

    Huawei Certified ICT Professional– Unified Communication

  32. H31-161

    HCIE Carrier IP (Written) V1.0

  33. H12-311

    HCIA – Wireless Local Area Network

  34. H19-369

    HCS Pre Sale IT (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IT)

  35. H19-376

    HCS Pre sales IP(Security)

  36. H20-871

    HCS Field IVS (Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Intelligence Video Surveillance)

  37. H31-124_v2.0

    HCIP Carrier IP V2.0

  38. H13-511_v4.0

    HCIA Cloud Computing V4.0

  39. H13-922

    HCIP GaussDB-OLAP V1.0

  40. H13-629_V2.0

    HCIE-Storage (Written) v2.0

  41. H13-311_V3.0

    HCIA-AI V3.0

  42. H35-911

    HCS Microwave Hardware Installation (Written)

  43. H35-210

    HCIA-Access V2.0

  44. H35-211

    HCIP-Access V2.0

  45. H31-611

    HCIA-SDN V1.0

  46. H13-523

    HCIP Cloud Desktop Solution Management

  47. H11-861

    HCIP - Video Conference

  48. H12-322

    HCIP Wireless Local Area Network- Planning and Optimizing Enterprise WLAN

  49. H31-311

    HCIA Transmission 2.0

  50. H13-522

    HCIP Cloud Resource Pool Management

Huawei On Demand Exams
  1. H11-879

    HCIE - Enterprise Communication (Written)

  2. H13-431

    HCIE - Data Center (Written)

  3. H11-831

    HCIA Contact Center V2.5

  4. H12-224

    HCIP-Routing & Switching (Fast Track) V2.0

  5. H19-338


  6. H12-421

    HCIP Data Center Facility Deployment V1.0

  7. H12-423

    HCIP Data Center Facility Operation & Maintenance V1.0

  8. H12-711

    HCIA Security V3.0

  9. H12-724

    HCIP Security (Fast track) V1.0

  10. H12-731

    HCIE Security (Written) V1.5

  11. H12-931

    HCIE Transmission (Written) V1.0

  12. H13-211

    HCIA Intelligent Computing V1.0

  13. H13-221

    HCIP Intelligent Computing V1.0

  14. H13-322

    HCIP AI HiAI Developer V1.0

  15. H13-411

    HCIA Data Center

  16. H13-421

    HCIP Data Center-ITIDM V1.0

  17. H13-422

    HCIP Data Center CDCDM V1.0

  18. H13-525

    HCIP Cloud Computing OpenStack V1.0

  19. H13-526

    HCIP Cloud Computing Container V1.0

  20. H13-527

    HCIP Cloud Computing V4.0

  21. H13-722

    HCIP Big Data Operation & Maintenance V1.0

  22. H13-811

    HCIA Cloud Service V2.0

  23. H31-342

    HCIP SDN Transmission V1.0

  24. H31-411

    HCIA LTE V1.0

  25. H31-421

    HCIP LTE V1.0

  26. H31-422

    HCIE LTE (Written) V1.0

  27. H31-512

    HCIP Cloud Solutions Architect

  28. H31-521

    HCNA Cloud DataCenter Operations

  29. H35-560


  30. H35-561


  31. H35-631

    HCIP IoT Wireless V1.0

  32. H31-612


  33. H35-480

    HCIA 5G RAN V2.0

  34. H35-510


  35. H35-511


  36. H35-520


  37. H35-521


  38. H35-540


  39. H35-541


  40. H35-550

    HCNA Microwave RNP

  41. H35-632

    HCIP IoT Platform V1.0

  42. H19-379


  43. H35-660

    HCIA 5G V1.0

  44. H19-381

    HCS-Pre-sales-Intelligent Computing

  45. H35-921

    HCIP ICTOM Developer V1.0

  46. H20-411


  47. H35-923

    HCIP OWS Developer V1.0

  48. H31-514

    HCSA-Cloud Migration

  49. H53-511

    HCIP Cloud Computing Developer V1.0

  50. H28-152


  51. H53-821

    HCIP Cloud Service Developer V1.0

  52. H13-711_V3.0

    HCIA-Big Data V3.0

  53. H13-311

    HCIA AI V1.0

  54. H13-111_V1.5

    HCIA-Kunpeng Application Developer V1.5

  55. H13-511

    HCIA Cloud Computing V3.0

  56. H13-911_V1.5

    HCIA-GaussDB V1.5

  57. H13-723

    HCIP Big Data Developer V1.0

  58. H13-731

    HCIE Big Data (written) (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Big Data)

  59. H31-124

    HCIP Carrier IP V1.0

  60. H19-120

    HCPA PV(Huawei certified Pre-sales Associate-Photovoltaic)

  61. H19-315

    HCPA Transmission&Access (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-Transmission&Access)

  62. H19-250

    HCS Sale PV (Huawei Certified Specialist-Sales-PV)

  63. H19-251

    HCS Sale CM (Huawei Certified Specialist-Sales-CM)

  64. H19-321

    HCS Pre Sale Service Solution(Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Service Solution)

  65. H19-365

    HCS Pre Sale Bidding (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Bidding)

  66. H19-366

    HCS Pre Sale IP (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IP)

  67. H19-367

    HCS Pre Sale IP(WLAN) (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IP Wireless Local Area Network)

  68. H19-368

    HCS Pre Sale Transmission&Access (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Transmission&Access)

  69. H31-513

    HCS Cloud Service Sales V1.0

  70. H19-370

    HCS Pre Sale EC (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist EC)

  71. H19-371

    HCS Pre Sale IDS (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IDS)

  72. H19-374

    HCS Pre Sale IVS (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IVS)

  73. H19-375

    HCS Pre sales IP(DCN)

  74. H19-450

    HCS Pre Sale PV (Huawei Certified Specialist-Pre-Sales-PV)

  75. H20-211

    HCS Field R&S (Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Routing&Switching)

  76. H20-311

    HCS Field WLAN (Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Wireless Local Area Network)

  77. H20-651

    HCS Field Server (Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server)

  78. H20-661

    HCS Field UPS (Huawei Certified Field Specialist-UPS)

  79. H20-681

    HCS Field Smart PV Controller (Huawei Certified Field Specialist Smart PV Controller)

  80. H21-284

    HCS SeniorSolution IP

  81. H21-288

    HCS SeniorSolution Transmission & Access

  82. H21-289

    HCS SeniorSolution-IT

  83. H21-290

    HCS SeniorSolution Network Energy

  84. H21-291

    HCS SeniorSolution Public Security

  85. H21-294

    HCS SeniorSolution Education

  86. H21-295

    HCS SeniorSolution Medical

  87. H21-296

    HCS SeniorSolution Electric

  88. H21-298

    HCS SeniorSolution Large Enterprise

  89. H13-821_V2.0

    HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0

  90. H21-299

    HCS SeniorSolution Broadcasting & Media

  91. H12-731_V2.0

    HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0

  92. H35-250

    HCS Datacom

  93. H35-260

    HCS Transmission

  94. H52-111_V2.0

    HCIP-IoT Developer V2.0

  95. H35-370

    HCS Core Network Mobile Voice

  96. H12-811_V1.0

    HCIA-Datacom V1.0

  97. H35-380

    HCS Core Network PS

  98. H35-450

    HCS Wireless GUL Commissioning

  99. H35-460

    HCS 5G RAN V1.0

  100. H35-461

    HCS 5G RF V1.0

  101. H35-462

    HCS 5G RF Advanced V1.0

  102. H35-570

    HCS - ICS Test and Optimization

  103. H35-841

    HCS FTTx OSP Survey and Design

  104. H35-910

    HCS Wireless Hardware Installation (Written)

  105. H35-912

    HCS Data Center and Network Equipment Hardware Installation (Written)

  106. H35-913

    HCS Site Power Hardware Installation (Written)

  107. H35-914

    HCS Data Center Energy Hardware Installation (Written)

  108. H35-915

    HCS FTTX Outside Plant (Written)

  109. H35-917

    HCS 5G Wireless Hardware Installation (Written) V1.0

  110. H35-942

    HCS Home Service Activation

  111. H35-950

    HCS HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Service Management V1.0

  112. H35-951

    HCS HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Operations V1.0

  113. H35-670

    HCIA-5G-Bearer V1.0

  114. H35-650

    HCIA-5G-Core V1.0

  115. H35-580

    HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V1.0

  116. H35-481

    HCIP-5G-RAN V1.0

  117. H35-581


  118. H12-111_V2.0

    HCIA-IoT V2.0

  119. H13-311_V2.0

    HCIA-AI V2.0

  120. H13-731_V2.0

    HCIE-Big Data-Data Mining V2.0

  121. H31-341

    HCIP-Transmission V2.0

  122. H12-722

    HCIP Constructing Service Security Network

  123. H12-723

    HCIP Constructing Terminal Security System

  124. H13-524

    HCIP Cloud Operating System Management

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