Exam Question For AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2018

Exam Detail

Exam Name: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
Vendor Name: Amazon
Exam Certification: Amazon Professional
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Automate Operational Tools, AWS Deployment, AWS Platform, DevOps Engineering

Exam Topics: Implement and Manage Continuous Delivery Systems and Methodologies on AWS| Implement and Automate Security Controls, Governance Processes, and Compliance Validation| Define and Deploy Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging Systems on AWS| Implement Systems that are Highly Available, Scalable, and Self-Healing on the AWS Platform| Design, Manage, and Maintain Tools to Automate Operational Processes| Apply Concepts Required To Manage Systems Using AWS Configuration Management Tools And Services| Determine How To Set Up The Aggregation, Storage, And Analysis Of Logs And Metrics| Determine Source Control Strategies And How To Implement Them/ Monitoring And Logging| Determine Application And Infrastructure Deployment Models Based On Business Needs| Determine Deployment Services Based On Deployment Needs/ Determine How To Implement Lifecycle Hooks On A Deployment| Apply Concepts Required To Automate Monitoring And Event Management Of An Environment| Apply Security Concepts In The Automation Of Resource Provisioning/ Apply Concepts Required To Build And Manage Artifacts Securely| Determine How To Implement Tagging And Other Metadata Strategies/ Determine How To Optimize Cost Through Automation| Apply Concepts Required To Implement Governance Strategies/ Troubleshoot Issues And Determine How To Restore Operations| Apply Concepts Required To Audit, Log, And Monitor Operating Systems, Infrastructures, And Applications| Configuration Management And Infrastructure As Code/ Apply Concepts Required To Automate And Integrate Testing| Apply Concepts Required To Enforce Standards For Logging, Metrics, Monitoring, Testing, And Security| Apply Concepts Required To Automate A CI/CD Pipeline/ Policies And Standards Automation| Determine Deployment/Delivery Strategies/ Implement Them Using AWS Services Apply Concepts Required To Set Up Event-Driven Automated Actions/ Determine Appropriate Use Of Multi-AZ Versus Multi-Region Architectures| Determine How To Implement High Availability, Scalability, And Fault Tolerance/ Determine How To Automate Event Management And Alerting| Determine The Right Services Based On Business Needs/ Determine How To Design And Automate Disaster Recovery Strategies

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Amazon Professional
Vendor Name: Amazon