Why Shall Attempt CompTIA CASP Certification Exam?

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) is an ideal exam, particularly for the technical specialists who intend to endure the immersed technology as disparate to severely handling the conventional equipment. The CASP Certification is the only exam, which lends an opportunity to practitioners with hands-on and performance oriented tricks, at the radical skill level of Cyber-Security. While the Cyber-Security managers help to categorize what Cyber-Security plans and agendas could be executed, CASP-certified professionals churns out how to device elucidations within those policies and frameworks.

Pre-Requisites of CompTIA CASP Exam 

The CASP CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification exam is good to validate the advanced-level capability in the menace and threat management; enterprise security operations and architecture; research and collaboration; and integration of enterprise security. The Successful candidates are required to have the following knowledge; the Enterprise Security domain prolonged to comprise operations and architecture ideas, techniques, and requirements, which has more stress on scrutinizing risk through interpreting trend data and anticipating cyber defense needs to meet business goals. CASP is also expanding security control topics, which include mobile, and small form factor devices, which may also involve the software vulnerability. CASP also requires an inclusion of implementing cryptographic methods, such as Block chain- Cryptocurrency and Mobile device encryption.

Study Under the Actual CompTIA CASP Exam Constraints

The CASP compiles the technical understanding and services, which are essential to conceptualize, engineer, integrate and implement secure solutions across multifaceted atmospheres to sustenance a resilient initiative. To attempt CASP Certification Exam, candidate is also required to have at least 10 years of working experiences in IT administration, must be including at least five 5 of hands-on technical security experience.

The candidates will be asked to answer Maximum of 90 questions multiple choice questions within 165 minutes. The candidate must be good at English, as the medium of exam is English, and in case if the student fails to match up he will be declared fail. As the CASP certification exam doesn’t follow any result scale, in fact there will be only fail and pass. And the credentials remain valid for 3 years only.

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Exam Detail

Exam Name: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
Vendor Name: CompTIA
Exam Certification: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Security Administration, Security Networking

Exam Topics: Summarize Business And Industry Influences And Associated Security Risks| Compare And Contrast Security, Privacy Policies And Procedures Based On Organizational Requirements Given A Scenario, Execute Risk Mitigation Strategies And Controls| Analyze Risk Metric Scenarios To Secure The Enterprise| Analyze A Scenario And Integrate Network And Security Components, Concepts And Architectures To Meet Security Requirements| Analyze A Scenario To Integrate Security Controls For Host Devices To Meet Security Requirements| Analyze A Scenario To Integrate Security Controls For Mobile And Small Form Factor Devices To Meet Security Requirements| Given Software Vulnerability Scenarios, Select Appropriate Security Controls| Given A Scenario, Conduct A Security Assessment Using The Appropriate Methods| Analyze A Scenario Or Output, And Select The Appropriate Tool For A Security Assessment| Given A Scenario, Implement Incident Response And Recovery Procedures| Given A Scenario, Integrate Hosts, Storage, Networks And Applications Into A Secure Enterprise Architecture| Given A Scenario, Integrate Cloud And Virtualization Technologies Into A Secure Enterprise Architecture| Given A Scenario, Implement Cryptographic Techniques| Given A Scenario, Select The Appropriate Control To Secure Communications And Collaboration Solutions| Given A Scenario, Apply Research Methods To Determine Industry Trends And Their Impact To The Enterprise| Given A Scenario, Implement Security Activities Across The Technology Life Cycle| Explain The Importance Of Interaction Across Diverse Business Units To Achieve Security Goals

Certification Detail

Certification Name: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
Vendor Name: CompTIA
Certification Short Name: CASP
Certification Technologies:

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