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Exam Detail

Exam Name: AWS Advanced Networking Specialty
Vendor Name: Amazon
Exam Certification: Amazon Specialty
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Advanced Networking and Management

Exam Topics: Design, Develop, and Deploy Cloud-Based Solutions Using AWS| Implement Core AWS Services According to Basic Architecture Best Practices| Design and Maintain Network Architecture for all AWS Services| Leverage Tools to Automate AWS Networking Tasks| Evaluate Automation Alternatives Within AWS For Network Deployments/ Explain The Process To Extend Connectivity Using AWS Direct Connect| Given A Scenario, Derive An Appropriate Hybrid IT Architecture Connectivity Solution/ Implement Connectivity For Hybrid IT| Given Customer Requirements, Define Network Architectures On AWS/ Propose Optimized Designs Based On The Evaluation Of An Existing Implementation| Evaluate Tool-Based Alternatives Within AWS For Network Operations And Management/ Derive An Appropriate Architecture Based On Customer And Application Requirements| Given A Scenario, Determine An Appropriate Load Balancing Strategy Within The AWS Ecosystem| Evaluate And Optimize Cost Allocations Given A Network Design And Application Data Flow| Determine Network Requirements For A Specialized Workload/ Design And Implement AWS Networks| Determine A Content Distribution Strategy To Optimize For Performance/ Apply AWS Networking Concepts| Determine The Appropriate Configuration Of DHCP Within AWS/ Design And Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures At Scale| Configure Network Integration With Application Services/ Evaluate Design Alternatives That Leverage AWS Direct Connect| Evaluate DNS Solutions In A Hybrid IT Architecture/ Define Routing Policies For Hybrid IT Architectures| Evaluate Design Requirements For Alignment With Security And Compliance Objectives/ Manage, Optimize, And Troubleshoot The Network| Evaluate Monitoring Strategies In Support Of Security And Compliance Objectives/ Reconcile AWS Service Requirements With Network Requirements| Evaluate AWS Security Features For Managing Network Traffic/ Utilize Encryption Technologies To Secure Network Communications| Design And Implement For Security And Compliance/ Given A Scenario, Troubleshoot And Resolve A Network Issue

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Amazon Specialty
Vendor Name: Amazon

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