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LPIC- 2 (Certified Linux Engineer) Certification: Maximize your opportunities to excel in Career

Linux LPIC-2 is the second, yet a significant certification in LPI’s multi-level professional certification program. This (LPIC-2) exam validates the credentials of prospective candidates to administer small to medium sized mixed networks. But the candidates are required to have an active credential of LPIC-1 exam, in order to receive LPIC 2 Certification. The candidate needs to be engrossed that LPIC 1 and LPIC 2 certification may be taken in any order.

Why shall I validate credentials against LPIC-2 Certification Exam?

The LPIC-2 Certification exam is good in capacity planning and Linux Kernel. All the system startup and File-system devices are to be operated in same capacity. A Linux Certified Engineer is good to employ advance storage device to administer the network configuration and maintenance of system. The Linux Certified Engineers are able to perform following tasks; to perform advanced system administration, including common tasks regarding the Linux kernel, system startup and maintenance and performing advanced Management of block storage and file systems as well as advanced networking and authentication and system security, including firewall and VPN and Install and configure fundamental network services, including DHCP, DNS,  SSH, Web servers, file servers using FTP, NFS and Samba, email delivery.

Purpose to attempt LPIC-2 (Certified Linux Enginee) Certification Exam?

LPIC-2 consists of 2 exam, those are meant to attempt to be called Certified Linux engineer, i.e. 201-450 and 202-450. Each exam’s purpose is to allocate a premium worth. Its weights indicate the absolute status of each objective on the exam.

Expertise of Linux 201 Qualified Engineers

The Linux exam 201-450,qualifies you for the following courses;

  • Capacity Planning

  • Linux Kernel

  • System Startup

  • Filesystem and Devices

  • Advanced Storage Device Administration

  • Networking Configuration

  • System Maintenance

Expertise of Linux 202 Qualified Engineers

While the 202 exam is good to make engineers expert in the following tasks;

  • Domain Name Server

  • Web Services

  • File Sharing

  • Network Client Management

  • E-Mail Services

  • System Security

Exam Detail

Exam Name: LPIC-2 (202)
Vendor Name: LPI
Exam Certification: Certified Linux Engineer
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

DNS server configuration, Network Client Management, System Security and Management

Exam Version: V4.5
Exam Topics: Mapping Windows user names to Linux user names/ Reloading modified configuration and zone files| Awareness of dnsmasq, djbdns and PowerDNS as alternate name servers/ Layout and content of ACL in the Squid configuration files| Various methods to add a new host in the zone files, including reverse zones/ Defining the location of the BIND zone files in BIND configuration files| Using redirect statements in Apache’s configuration files to customize file access/ Utilities to request information from the DNS server| Split configuration of BIND using the forwarders statement/ Client user authentication files and utilities| DHCP configuration files, terms and utilities/ Configuring and using transaction signatures (TSIG)| Configuration of maximum requests, minimum and maximum servers and clients/ BIND 9 configuration files, terms and utilities| Awareness of DHCPv6 and IPv6 Router Advertisements/ BIND 9.x configuration files, terms and utilities| Apache 2.4 configuration files, terms and utilities/ Security issues in SSL use, disable insecure protocols and cipher| Awareness of the issues with Virtual Hosting and use of SSL/ Generate a server private key and CSR for a commercial CA| Install the key and certificate, including intermediate CAs/ Apache log files configuration and content| SSL configuration files, tools and utilities/ Basic DNS server configuration

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Certified Linux Engineer
Vendor Name: LPI
Certification Short Name: LPIC 2
Certification Technologies:

Capacity Planning, DNS server configuration, Network Client Management, System Security and Management