How PMP Certification Exam Will Be Valuable For Me?


With the increasing inclination of projected world, PMI (Project Management Institute) offers the professional certification exams, which ensures that you’re equipped to meet the demands of employers, around the globe.  PMP is esteemed certifications which open the platform to success by equipping you with the steadfast skills, grounded on rigorous values and ongoing research to light the real-world needs of administrations. A PMP Certified expert signified that they can fluently speak and understand the global language of Project management which enables to remain connected with the relevant group of professionals. The project Management Professional Certification is truly global, unlike other Certification exams those intend to be professional in a particular domain. Since, PMP Certification equips you to work virtually in any industry.

PMP Exam Preparation And Upcoming Changes

PMP is going to issue an updated version of PMP (Project Management Professional), on March 26, 2018. In aggregation with the September 2017 release of the PMBOK Guide (6th Edition), PMI is updating the PMP Certification exam. This new exam will confirm the consistent practice of jargon and technical terminologies. Even though it does not assess your familiarity of the PMBOK Guide, in fact, it can be considered as one of the primary references for the PMP certification exam. We further notify you that, the Project Management Professional exam content outline will not be changed.
If the candidates are utilizing the PMBOK Guide as a study material for the preparation of their certification exam, so they can expect to find the following updates:
  1. New chapter on the role of the project manager, which emphases on operative leadership — comprising essential abilities, knowledge and services.
  2. Two renamed Information Capacities that more precisely imitate which origins can be managed and which cannot:
  • Schedule Management
  • Resource Management 
  1. Every Acquaintance Area now sorts four fresh units:
  • Key Concepts
  • Trends and Emerging Practices
  • Tailoring Considerations
  • Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments

How PMP Certification Exam Will Be Valuable For Me?

The PMP is renowned the world over as the gold standard in project management. The PMP Certification is significantly industry-recognized credential for project management. The PMP is globally recognized and can be found nearly in every Country. It is kind of money generator, as it provides a significant lead, in terms of Salary and Job capacity. If you own the PMP credentials so you will be considered as a candidate can fluently materialized and understand the global language of PMP and makes you a community member of our professionals.

Who Should You Apply For PMP Certification Exam?

In case, if the candidate is experienced Project manager and potentially responsible for all the aspects of project delivery, leading program, then PMP would be a definite choice for them.

High-Status PMP Certification Exams: Average Salaries And Level Of Expertise

Project Management Professional Certification also offers you with a significant advantage in terms of remuneration and earning potential. As per a rigorous survey, it was found out that PMP Certified candidates gains a 20% higher on average salary of non-PMP certified Candidates. Also, it prepares you with promptness because when the Organization would have PMP Certified so their projects would be completed on time, on budget and meeting the desired goals.

Requirement of PMP Certification Exam?

A candidate will be allocated 4 hours (240 minutes) to complete 200 MCQs. Every candidate who wants to maintain their PMP Certification and credentials updated, they need to earn 60 professional development units, in every three years.

Prerequisites of PMP Certification Exam

Following are the prerequisites of PMP Exam;
  1. Candidate needs to own Secondary Degree
  2. At least 7500 hours in leading projects
  3. 35 hours of education related to Project management 

Exam Detail

Exam Name: Project Management Professional
Vendor Name: PMI
Exam Certification: PMI Scheduling Professional
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Exam Topics: Perform project assessment based upon available information learn form previous project| Review and assess detailed project Requirement contains and assumptions with stakeholder based on project| Acquire and manage project resources by following th

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Project Management Professional
Vendor Name: PMI
Certification Short Name: PMP
Certification Technologies: