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Exam Detail

Exam Name: LPIC-2 (201)
Vendor Name: LPI
Exam Certification: Certified Linux Engineer
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Capacity Planning, Map client bandwidth Usage, Network Client Management

Exam Version: V4.5
Exam Topics: Measure Hardware Resource And Network Bandwidth, Identify And Troubleshoot Resource Problems| Measure Cpu Usage, Memory Usage, Disk I/O, Network I/O, Firewalling And Routing Throughput| Estimate Throughput And Identify Bottlenecks In A System Including Networking| Match / Correlate System Symptoms With Likely Problems, Map Client Bandwidth Usage| Monitor Resource Usage To Predict Future Resource Needs/ Observe Growth Rate Of Capacity Usage| Awareness Of Monitoring Solutions Such As Icinga2, Nagios, Collectd, Mrtg And Cacti| Use Monitoring And Measurement Tools To Monitor It Infrastructure Usage/ Graph The Trend Of Capacity Usage| Utilize Kernel Components That Are Necessary To Specific Hardware, Hardware Drivers, System Resources And Requirements| Identifying Stable And Development Kernels And Patches, As Well As Using Kernel Modules| Configure A Kernel To Include Or Disable Specific Features Of The Linux Kernel As Necessary| Linux Kernel As Needed, Updating And Noting Changes In A New / Properly Maintain A Linux Filesystem Using System Utilities Manage And/Or Query A 2.6.X, 3.X Or 4.X Kernel And Its Loadable Modules| Configure A Network Device To Be Able To Connect To A Local, Wired Or Wireless, And A Wide-Area Network| Configure A Network Device To Implement Various Network Authentication Schemes| Configuring A Multi-Homed Network Device And Resolving Communication Problems| Candidates Should Be Able To Identify And Correct Common Network Setup Issues

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Certified Linux Engineer
Vendor Name: LPI
Certification Short Name: LPIC 2
Certification Technologies:

Capacity Planning, DNS server configuration, Network Client Management, System Security and Management

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