Why Should You Attempt AWS Specialty Certification?

Amazon is basically a dynamic Web Services, who is growing its growing business unit within Amazon.com. It’s been mounting quicker and with more radical frequency. In the domain of web services, Amazon has got a name and became a concrete reason to validate credentials and to move ahead towards success. According to new trend of web services, Amazon is now offering various levels of certifications to categorically dispense them into different groups. The Amazon Specialty Certification is labeled to hold numerous recompenses. Such as, the Amazon specialty certified demonstrates the proficiency to design, deploy, and operate highly available, cost-effective, and secure applications. Also, it will help specialists to identify the skilled professionals and hold lead initiatives with AWS apprehensive technologies.

Which exam I shall attempt to validate Credentials against Amazon Specialty?

Following are the exam, which Amazon Specialty Certification offers;
  • AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
Both the certification exams are stated to own specialist credentials and go better in the rank. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty exam is intended to validate the advanced technical abilities and knowledge in planning and then implementing AWS hybrid IT network architectures at a better tenacity. While, the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty exam authenticates technical skills of designing AWS services to originate value from data.

Benefits of attempting Amazon Specialty Certification Exam?

The Amazon Big Data exam is good to make you specialist at data analysis field, data life cycle of collection, Big data tabulation etc. Its background defines the architecting Big Data services with the capacity to elucidate how they fit in the data life cycle of collection, ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization. On contrary, the Advance Networking exams makes you good at using following technologies, advance networking system and management and automating AWS networking tasks. And to attempt Advance networking system, at least 5 years hands-on practice experience is required.

Amazon Specialty Exam Details

Both the exams would take your career to specialty level. And also, the exam constraints are more or less same. Both the certification exams would of 170 minutes and exam pattern would be Multi choice questions. But there is a twist in tale, if you are an English native so you will be given extra time to solve questions, but you are advised to be good in English language because your proficiency will be an only prerequisite.

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Exam Detail

Exam Name: AWS Advanced Networking Specialty
Vendor Name: Amazon
Exam Certification: Amazon Specialty
Exam Language: English
Exam Technologies:

Advanced Networking and Management

Exam Topics: Design, Develop, and Deploy Cloud-Based Solutions Using AWS| Implement Core AWS Services According to Basic Architecture Best Practices| Design and Maintain Network Architecture for all AWS Services| Leverage Tools to Automate AWS Networking Tasks| Evaluate Automation Alternatives Within AWS For Network Deployments/ Explain The Process To Extend Connectivity Using AWS Direct Connect| Given A Scenario, Derive An Appropriate Hybrid IT Architecture Connectivity Solution/ Implement Connectivity For Hybrid IT| Given Customer Requirements, Define Network Architectures On AWS/ Propose Optimized Designs Based On The Evaluation Of An Existing Implementation| Evaluate Tool-Based Alternatives Within AWS For Network Operations And Management/ Derive An Appropriate Architecture Based On Customer And Application Requirements| Given A Scenario, Determine An Appropriate Load Balancing Strategy Within The AWS Ecosystem| Evaluate And Optimize Cost Allocations Given A Network Design And Application Data Flow| Determine Network Requirements For A Specialized Workload/ Design And Implement AWS Networks| Determine A Content Distribution Strategy To Optimize For Performance/ Apply AWS Networking Concepts| Determine The Appropriate Configuration Of DHCP Within AWS/ Design And Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures At Scale| Configure Network Integration With Application Services/ Evaluate Design Alternatives That Leverage AWS Direct Connect| Evaluate DNS Solutions In A Hybrid IT Architecture/ Define Routing Policies For Hybrid IT Architectures| Evaluate Design Requirements For Alignment With Security And Compliance Objectives/ Manage, Optimize, And Troubleshoot The Network| Evaluate Monitoring Strategies In Support Of Security And Compliance Objectives/ Reconcile AWS Service Requirements With Network Requirements| Evaluate AWS Security Features For Managing Network Traffic/ Utilize Encryption Technologies To Secure Network Communications| Design And Implement For Security And Compliance/ Given A Scenario, Troubleshoot And Resolve A Network Issue

Certification Detail

Certification Name: Amazon Specialty
Vendor Name: Amazon

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